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Imagine using an image like sand on a beach or a beautiful blue sky, and each recipient will receive their communication with their name or personalised message built into the image – not just text overlaid, but actually altering the image to integrate the personalisation within it so it becomes part of the imagery. This is a compelling way to stand out from the crowd with your campaign.

Using your database we dynamically generate stunning graphic representations including images, graphs, bar charts and tables. This is an impactful method of communication, especially when you are trying to convey a difficult statistical report or statement.

Personalised online interaction and data gathering

To complement your campaign, we are then able to design and host highly personalised micro-websites and emails with advanced personalisation options. These are especially effective for event registration, sales acquisition campaigns, customer retention programmes, self-registration and more.

Respondents are then able to be sent a personalised PURL or web link, or a QR code with a pre-set password so their progress through the sign up or enquiry process can be tracked and recorded against their record in the database, enabling reporting in real time.

Activity on the website can prompt personalised follow up emails with additional information; and all activity including data entry is logged in the database, informing future marketing campaigns.

Electronic services include the creation of online landing pages, PURL production, email construction, SMS set-up and campaign testing.