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 - We tell your story

 - We convey your message in a creative and memorable manner

 - We create anticipation and expectation for your audience

 - We engage your target market

 - We create memorable experiences for your clients and prospects

And all this is done with the use of creative, highly personalised, targetted technology to help you reach your audience with personalised, relevant communications across print and digital media. 

BMS Group is a unique collaberation between two companies - BMS Mailing and Connect 1 to 1 who have now joined forces to jointly and enthusiastically provide innovative and highly responsive marketing and communication solutions under the one unified brand: BMS Group.

With the creative use of versatile print, direct mail, transactional mail and multi-channel solutions we conceive, design, create and  deliver the best result for our customers. We focus on understanding your markets and business, and use our expertise to recommend the best method of delivery. 

Imagine how it would feel if  you could have just one point of contact to coordinate all elements of your project. To have someone control your entire job and ensure that all processes are completed in a timely manner, all quality checks are in place, all costs are controlled and all output is of the highest possible standard, to have just one key point of contact at all times....... That is our promise to you.

Everyone at BMS lives and works by the following simple values:


We believe that business should be done in a fair, honest and transparent way. Everything we do must stand the test of public and moral scrutiny

Understanding, Respect, Compassion and Humanity:

We aim to care about our customers and colleagues both here and in the wider community

‘Good enough’ is never good enough. We aim for the highest standards possible in the way we work and in the quality of our results


We believe that success is the result of building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues, partners and customers

Responsibility: We accept ownership and responsibility for our products and services and the processes we perform, if it’s not right we’ll fix it. Our aim is to ensure everyone benefits from working with us